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Methods and Services


I provide a range of services including:

Educational Therapy For Reading and Writing

Online or In-person

Educational Therapy for Math 

Professional educational therapy for grades 2 through Algebra

Dyslexia Screening

Take the free screener today.

School Training 

Information for schools to support their SLD students.

Teacher Training

Support teachers in educating students with SLD

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1. Educational Therapy -- In-Person or online

Educational Therapists use a variety of systematic, multi-sensory, sequential and research based methods depending on the specific requirements of the student. These include but are not limited to:

  • Wilson Reading Program - Level 2 Certified Structured Literacy provider.

  • Lindamood-Bell - LIPS; Visualizing and Verbalizing- professionally trained and certified.

  • Slingerland – Decoding, comprehension and writing-professionally trained (no certification as it was before certifications were a thing)

  • And many more depending on the needs of the student.


​Using good methods or programs is important but really it is the

teaching that makes a difference.


The Wilson Reading System is not Fundations. Fundations is Wilson’s general education program and not intended for intervention purposes


For more information about the Wilson Reading System click here


For more information about Slingerland click here


For more information about Lindamood-Bell click here for V/V info 

or here for LiPS info



2.  Math intervention


Math interventions for students with dyslexia or dyscalculia are unfortunately not as well developed or researched. Nor are the programs as complete.  I generally structure my program around MakingMath real and supplement with a variety of programs such as Math You See and JumpMath.


Making Math Real – Professionally trained from K through Algebra 

For more information about Making Math Real click here


3.  Take the free screener

Our dyslexia screener helps determine the root of your child's challenges.



4. Information for Schools to support their SLD students complete with IEP goals reporting. 




5. Teacher support and training

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