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Our Philosophy

The Practice 

Methods for Success provides Structured Literacy services to meet the comprehensive needs of children and adolescents with suspected or diagnosed language/learning disabilities, dyslexia, dyscalculia, auditory processing, SLD, and ADD/ADHD all of which can contribute to difficulties in school.


We strive to address the learning challenges with both a remedial and a therapeutic approach to help clients successfully cope with their learning challenges and achieve their learning goals.


We use a variety of systematic, multi-sensory, sequential, and research based methods to develop individualized instruction. This strategy can remediate difficulties in reading, verbal and written comprehension, writing, vocabulary, math, organization and study skills.​ All therapy services are private and one on one.  Please contact us if we can help your child, yourself, or a family member.

Our Founder Lorette Keane

Lorette Keane is an educational therapist and credentialed special education teacher.  Her educational therapy services are offered on zoom or in person in Santa Cruz.  She no longer has a Campbell office. She has over 20 years of experience working with children of all ages and learners of all abilities. 

“As the parent of a dyslexic (now a college grad!), I recognize the emotional importance of remediation to bring a student up to grade level. In addition, I feel that coaching is a key ingredient for success. This approach helps a student begin a process of self awareness and self acceptance, and acquire very important self advocacy skills. Self advocacy is essential for a student to become a self-regulated, strategic learner, and an independent adult. “


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"Lorette was able to understand how our child thinks and was able to  'unlock' his ability to read! He progressed four grade levels in one year of Lexercise! What a self esteem booster. She was always professional, accommodating, and kind. Highly recommended!"

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